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When the Wind Blows, Billy Boy

Released: 1994

Label: Whippet Records

Format: CD

Number of Tracks: 5

Catalogue Number: WPTCDS9



Track Listing
2. No Chance [Live] (3:40)
3. William's Tale [Live] (4:55)
4. Aall Faal Doon [Live] (5:14)


Track 1 taken from the album 'The Power and The Glory' (WPTCD8/WPTC8)
Recorded and mixed at Trinity Heights, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, February 1994
Engineered by Fred Purser
Produced by Fred Purser and The Whisky Priests

Tracks 2-5 recorded live at the Markthalle, Hamburg, 31st December 1992, by the Gaga Mobile and NOT on the album 'Bloody Well Live!' (WPTCD7/WPTC7)
Engineered and mixed by Fred Purser at Trinity Heights, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 28th June 1994
[No overdubs!]

The Whisky Priests line-up on this recording:

Track 1:

Gary Miller – Lead Vocal, Acoustic Guitars
Glenn Miller – Accordion
Mick Tyas – Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
Paul Carless – Mandolin
Nick Buck – Drums, Tambourine

Guest Musicians:
Fred Purser – Lap Steel
Mike McGrother – Fiddle

Track 3-5:

Gary Miller – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Glenn Miller – Accordion, Vocals
Mick Tyas – Bass Guitar, Vocals
Paul Carless – Mandolin, Harmonicas
Tony McNally – Drums
Mike McGrother – Fiddle

℗ & © 1994 Whippet Records



“The pairing of the band’s County Durham roots with the songwriting talent of Gary Miller has, over the past few years, helped to blow away a few of the cobwebs that surround contemporary folk music, by combining Poguesy energy with their own world view, then injecting them with a unique fiery passion. 
‘When The Wind Blows, Billy Boy’ is a more measured, less frenetic song than the others on this CD-EP; the playing is impressively nimble throughout and Gary’s distinctive vocals carry the performance with authority. The remaining tracks are four previously unreleased live recordings from their blitzkrieg 1992 Hamburg New Years Eve concert, the rest of which was released on ‘Bloody Well Live!’ in 1993. ‘No Chance’, ‘William’s Tale’, ‘Aall Faall Doon’ and ‘Isn’t It Grand Boys’ are brilliant entertainment, and these live songs prove that the band is one of the freshest, most exciting bands to emerge on the live circuit. 
The Whisky Priests write great tunes – singer Gary Miller’s composing and intense vocalising places them firmly within that fine speed-folk tradition. 
They rewrite folk-rock’s back pages with enough verve and vitality that anyone in need of an immediate uplift need look no further.” 
(Geoff Wall, ‘Folk On Tap’, UK, Issue 62, 1st January – 31st March 1995.)

“This 5-track CD features four songs written by Gary Miller plus one ‘trad’. ‘When The Wind Blows, Billy Boy’ is taken from The Whisky Priests’ most recent album ‘The Power And The Glory’ and there are four previously unreleased live tracks recorded at the Markthalle, Hamburg on 31/12/92. 
Gary seems able to slip into the minds of old, worn out miners and write songs from their perspective with vivid authenticity. These four and many of his other songs express the universal frustrations of people whose lives are unbalanced and poisoned by decisions beyond their control. He writes angry songs about wasted lives, wasted resources, and although he sets them in the context of his own backyard in North East England, they have a wider relevance. It seems appropriate that this CD should end with the great funeral send-up ‘Isn’t It Grand Boys’ – but here are The Whisky Priests having a bloody good time in Hamburg whilst getting the message across. (And I loved the harmonica!).” 
(Jenny Coxon, ‘Folk Buzz’, UK, Spring 1995.)

“Strong traditional-type ballad with a North-Eastern feel. This is one for the fans and would-be Geordies everywhere. Steam engines, clogs and coalmines spring to mind as the Miller Brothers weave together strong distinctive vocals with guitars, accordion, mandolin and fiddles.
The band is ‘reet’ proud of their roots and a strong traditional feel pervades all their work. They have confounded critics who labelled them a pale Pogues imitation, still gigging regularly after nine years; this single represents a continuing maturity of Gary Miller’s songwriting abilities.
If you love raucous, in-your-face, goodtime music, wear a flat cap and keep a whippet down your trousers, this is the band for you. The title track of this mini-CD is their new single and the other four tracks were recorded live at the Markthalle, Hamburg on New Year’s Eve 1992. They all show what a great band they are live. It’s what they do best.”
(Bruce Smith, ‘Student Union News’, UK, Issue 2, 14th October 1994)

“The Priests are due in York shortly (Fibbers, Monday, 17 October) as part of their (fairly) national tour to promote this latest single. Do NOT miss this gig.
‘When The Wind Blows…’ features the passionate Durham-based folk-thrash-Davy Lamp shattering outfit in full ‘stick the boot in and spare no pit ponies’ action and should act as the ideal kick up the backside for all stay-at-home Brookie anoraks. Frankly, listening to this single is like having The Pogues crash your granny’s centenary bash. It is, therefore, well worth anybody’s ciggy money…”
Rating: ****
(TM, ‘?’, UK, 1994)

“Hugely successful Durham-based five-piece are nothing if not passionate.
Bringing together a mixture of their North East roots and fierce pride The Whisky Priests really know how to bang out a solid tune.
Though the comparisons with The Pogues have been flooding in, the band’s originality has the strength to stand on its own.”
(Jaya Narain, ‘Records’, UK, 1994)

“‘When The Wind Blows, Billy Boy’ is actually a five track EP. It’s an essential link in the Priests’ chronological history. The five tracks are: ‘When The Wind Blows’, ‘No Chance’, ‘William’s Tale’, ‘Aall Faall Doon’, and ‘Isn’t It Grand Boys’. Tracks 2 to 5 are live and they again underline the power, and yes, the glory, of the lads’ ability at playing and entertaining live. The last track is the only one that’s traditional, the rest written by, yep! Gary Miller (is he busy, or what!).”
[From joint review of ‘Bloody Well Live!’, ‘The Power And The Glory’, ‘When The Wind Blows, Billy Boy’, ‘The First Few Drops’, Nee Gud Luck’, ‘Timeless Street’, reissue 1994 versions]
(Dave W. Hughes, ‘The Modern Dance’, UK)