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The Ghost of Geordie Jones



Where are ye gannin' young Geordie Jones?
I’m gannin' to Flanders o’er the sea-o
Where the birds do sing
And the valleys ring
I’m gannin' to Flanders-o

Why are ye gannin' young Geordie Jones? 
I’m going to kill some Germans-o
For they’re at war with our King
And it’s time I did my thing
And kill some Germans-o

How was Flanders young Geordie Jones?
It was a hell-land of fire and trenches-o
Where the shells do sing
And machines guns ring
In a hell-land of trenches-o

Where did you fall young Geordie Jones? 
I fell in a field of wire and mud-o
Where the dead do increase
And the shells never cease
In a field of mud-o

What did it feel like young Geordie Jones?
It felt like a fire in my stomach-o
But it didn’t last long
For I soon passed on
With a fire in my stomach-o

Where were you buried young Geordie Jones?
I was buried in a grave on a hill-o
And many more men
Were buried with me then
In a grave on a hill-o

Who will cry for you young Geordie Jones?
A father and a mother and a widow-o
They’ll cry for me and the bairn I’ll never see
My parents and my widow-o

(Glenn Miller)

© 1988 Whippet Records

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