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Drums, Backing Vocals

Not quite an original member, experienced drummer Sticks made his Whisky Priests debut in 1986, at the band's 10th gig, at the Queen's Head, Gilesgate, Durham City.

Throughout the band's formative years, Sticks played on The Whisky Priests' debut single 'The Colliery' (1987) and the band's two subsequent 12" EP's 'No Chance' (1988) and 'Grandfatha's Fatha' (1988), while the band was establishing a profile in the mid-late 1980's touring hard throughout the UK's small venues of pubs, colleges and music clubs. He was also involved in The Whisky Priests debut TV performance on one of the last editions of the popular music programme The Tube in January 1987.

Sticks initially left the band at the same time as Michael Stephenson, in November 1988, to be replaced by Steve Green (who played drums on the band's debut album 'Nee Gud Luck'). Sticks returned a year later for a second stint of 6 months, during which he performed another 55 gigs between December 1989 and June 1990.

An experienced drummer, outside of Whisky Priests commitments Sticks was recently playing drums on a regular basis in popular Rock 'N' Roll, Rockabilly and Blues band Bernie & the Bluenotes, until the band decided to call it a day in August 2018.