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Nick Thompson
Fiddle, Backing Vocals

Nick is a highly-skilled multi-instrumentalist, prinicpally a virtuoso fiddle player who also plays guitar, piano and mandolin. He is also a qualified professional piano tuner.

He most notably played with the Buttermountain Boys for 7 years in the 1980-90's, appearing on TV and Radio and at festivals all over Europe, mingling with many very famous musicians. The Whisky Priests and The Buttermountain Boys shared a close connection and friendship and toured and gigged together a number of times. The Buttermountain Boys released 5 successful albums before splitting in 1994. Nick then played in a duo with Dean St. John for a while before joining the Whisky Priests for a few tours in the mid-90's (though he never recorded with the band). He then went on to join the Proud Ones, co-formed the Wickermen with Mick Tyas in 1997 and joined Torfrock in 1998, touring Germany. He next joined Lazy Girl with Becky Mills for a couple of years. Nick has also recorded numerous studio sessions for various acts over the years.

He played with Los Yobos for 8 happy years between 2003 and 2011. The band is sadly no more, but Nick retains lots of happy memories. Still very active with his music, his latest projects have included playing with Hot Not Bothered, Root 64, Paul Judge with the Wandering Aces, Keith and brand new band the Typhoons featuring former Los Yobos and Hot Not Bothered members.

Nick is currently working on his debut solo album, scheduled for release in 2019. The album will include guest appearances from Gary and Mick.