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The Whisky Priests' self-managed record label, founded in 1988 by Gary & Glenn.

Gary's official Homepage.

Gary's epic project about the Martin Brothers of Tynedale, with guest appearances by Glenn and Mick.

Folk Trio featuring Mick, as well as Richard & Sylvia Doran who contributed to Gary's 'Mad Martins' project.


Ralf's official Homepage.

Gary duo collaboration (2005).

Whisky Priests acoustic trio off-shoot featuring Gary & Glenn and Joseph Porter of Blyth Power (2000-2002).

Nick's band (1987-1994).


Homepage of Whisky Priests & Whippet Records resident artist, illustrator and graphic designer Helen Temperley.

Blog page of Tyneside poet and Whisky Priests collaborator on 'Bleeding Sketches', as well as Gary's collaborator on 'Mad Martins' and other projects.

Homepage of Gary's regular producer and musical collaborator since 2010, on 'From Coalfield to Battlefield', 'Mad Martins', 'Reflections on War' and more.

Sticks' previous band.


Friends of The Whisky Priests : -