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Glenn Miller
Accordion, Backing Vocals

Glenn co-founded The Whisky Priests in 1985 with his twin brother Gary, performing around 1500 concerts in 20 countries and releasing a number of critically acclaimed recordings worldwide with the band during a career spanning almost two decades.

He simultaneously and successfully co-managed the band’s entire business affairs with Gary. Together they founded their own independent record label Whippet Records in 1988, for releasing Whisky Priests and related recordings worldwide. In a press article/review Gary and Glenn Miller  were referred to as "the Joe Strummer & Mick Jones of Folk".

Glenn Miller's self-taught and unique accordion playing style has always been recognised as a major trademark of The Whisky Priests sound. Once described by a UK journalist as “The Jimi Hendrix of the accordion”, he is a natural performer, and, aside from all the recordings he has made with The Whisky Priests over the years, he has guested on albums by other artists.

"Glenn’s accordion and arranging skills puts their songs into another realm." (‘Q’ Magazine, UK)

“There is so much to enjoy in his accordion playing. Expressively used, both to lead and to fill, his playing provides many of the best moments.” (Traditional Music Maker, UK).