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Gary Miller
Lead Vocals, Guitar

Gary co-founded The Whisky Priests in August 1985 with his twin brother Glenn, and Whippet Records in 1988.

Gary is an accomplished and widely-respected songwriter (“As a song poet there are few in the world today to match him” - Green Man Review, USA). He has performed and recorded as a solo artist and in a variety of collaborations with many other notable musicians, songwriters and poets. 

Over a long and varied career, Gary has been in regular demand as a commissioned songwriter, as well as a successful developer and deliverer of exciting and ambitious community arts projects.

His most recent projects include: -

'Mad Martins', an ambitious and epic 50-track triple-CD housed in a 104-page Deluxe Book, Performance and Theatre Show, chronicling the lives and times of the notorious Martin Brothers of Tynedale (William, Jonathan and John), who rose to prominence in the early 19th Century.

'From Coalfield to Battlefield'which grew out of his commission for the DLI Collection travelling exhibition 'When the Bugle Calls', celebrating the music of The Durham Light Infantry, which has so far produced a CD Single, 'The Durham Light Infantry', featuring Ferryhill Town Band and three Download Singles 'Ballad of Lance-Sergeant William Stones', 'Euphonium and Cornet' and 'The Final Letter of Jimmy Durham', with further singles and an album due to follow.

'The Butcher Baronet'a 2-hour 'folk opera' which forms part of a cross-arts collaboration of music, poetry & song, art & illustration, and film documentary, between Gary, Helen Temperley and film company Lone Pine Pictures, about the mysterious 17th Century historical figure John Duck ("Durham's Dick Wittington").

Visit Gary's official website here.