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Cobbled webs of my thoughts
Hang around your lanes
A brass band nestles in my head
Cosy as a bedbug
I’m reading from a balcony
Poems of revolution
It’s Gala Day and the words are lost
In the coal-dust of your lungs

Your dark satanic brooding Gaol
Throws a blanket over blankness
A grim era of second-hand visions
Aches like a scab in a cell
And rowing a punt up your Bishop’s arse
A shaft of sunlight on the river
Strikes me only as true
Shining into the eyes of all the prisoners
Swinging from Cathedral bells

Old Durham Town you imprison me
Like a scream in a Salvation Army song
Release me soon
And someone get ready to hug me

(lyrics: Keith Armstrong / music: Glenn Miller)

© 1995 Whippet Records

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Durham is famous for its cathedral but should also be remembered for its Prison, its University and its dead pits. The balcony at the County Hotel, from where Labour leaders have viewed the Durham Miners' Gala parade over the decades, would be a fine place from which to recite the poem.
(Keith Armstrong - original liner notes)


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