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Video archive (1989-2000)

Below are a selection of videos from our archives


TV Appearances

"Los Conciertos de Radio 3", TV Española , 23rd June 1999

"Grosse Freizeit", TV Berlin, 9th October 1998


'Streets Paved With Gold', 'On the Edge', Tyne Tees TV, 1989 [broadcast version]

'Streets Paved With Gold', 'On the Edge', Tyne Tees TV, 1989 [unbroadcast edited version]


Anglia Television - 'The Rising of the North' + Interview
Cambridge Folk Festival 29th July 1990



Chelsea, Vienna, 17th March 2000
[Complete Show]

Markthalle, Hamburg, 10th October 1998
[Edited Show + Backstage]
Released on Whippet Records in 1999 as: - 
'"Here Come the Ranting Lads!" - Live!' (WPTV18)


Riverside Festival, Stockton-on-Tees, 30th July 1998
[Complete Show - static camera]

Schwimmbad, Heidelberg, 30th November 1994
[Incomplete Show - clips of various tracks only]


Melkweg, Amsterdam, 12th November 1994
[Complete Show]

Der Club, Heiligenhaus, 30th April 1993
[Incomplete Show - first two-thirds only]


Vierlinden, Hildesheim, 17th December 1992
[Complete Show + Soundcheck & Backstage]

One World Music Festival, Köln, 18th July 1992
[Complete Show - Filmed for TV]


Kalaka Folk Festival, Miscolc, 12th July 1992
[Complete show - Filmed for Hungarian National TV]

Nighttown, Rotterdam, 29th May 1992
[Complete Show + Backstage]


't Paard, Den Haag, 1st May 1992
[Complete Show]

Mean Fiddler, London, 24th January 1991
[2 songs only]


In the Studio

Radio Heemskerk, 14th December 1997
[Live Session + Interview]


For further videos, have a look at The Whisky Priests YouTube Channel.