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'Bloody Well Everything' 10/10 Review on House of Prog Radio

Posted on 15 June, 2019 at 2:05 Comments comments (0)

There is a wonderful 10/10 review of 'Bloody Well Everything! (The Complete Works 1985-2000)' by Kev Rowland on the House of Prog Radio website.

You can read the full article HERE.

Listen to Mick on Aycliffe Radio

Posted on 1 May, 2019 at 2:15 Comments comments (2)

You can now listen in full to latest show (#26) of Steve and Cols Folk Rock/Celtic Rock/Acoustic Rock Show@Aycliffe Radio which features Mick's guest appearance - here.

Mick Tyas on Aycliffe Radio today

Posted on 28 April, 2019 at 4:35 Comments comments (2)

Listen out for Mick, appearing as special guest on Steve and Cols Folk Rock/Celtic Rock/Acoustic Rock Show@Aycliffe Radio today between 16:00 and 18:00. Mick will be chatting and selecting some of his favourite tracks, which will be played on the show, as well as performing a new song live (solo) and plugging upcoming event Naomi Bedford and Paul Simmonds with Gary Miller and Mick Tyas at The Ship Inn at Middlestone on Wednesday 8th May and previewing a couple of songs from 'Singing It All Back Home', the brilliant and highly-acclaimed new album from Bedford And Simmonds.

To listen to the show, simply follow the link here.

Gary Alikivi interview with Whisky Priests collaborator Keith Armstrong

Posted on 16 April, 2019 at 2:45 Comments comments (1)

There's a wonderful interview with Whisky Priests collaborator Keith Armstrong (anyone got our 1995 album 'Bleeding Sketches' featuring Keith's incredible lyrics?) in the latest blog by North East freelance journalist (film-maker, photographer and more!) Gary Alikivi, in which Keith tells some great stories, elaborates on his background as a major poet alongside his tireless work in promoting and developing North East culture through the arts, and talks in detail about his connections with The Whisky Priests and his further collaborations with Whisky Priests lead singer/songwriter Gary Miller (e.g. Mad Martins). It's well worth a read.

Read the interview here.

Gary Alikivi interview now online

Posted on 23 March, 2019 at 6:40 Comments comments (1)

Gary Alikivi's interview with Gary and Mick is now online.

You can read it here.

'Bloody Well Everything' 5-star review in RnR Magazine

Posted on 23 March, 2019 at 5:50 Comments comments (1)

Many thanks to Ian Croft for giving 'Bloody Well Everything!' a 5-star review in the latest issue of the mighty RnR Magazine, describing it as "an exceptional body of work from a great band that has been much missed" - wonderful stuff!

Now seems a good time for a reminder that we still have a few copies of our 'Bloody Well Everything' limited edition Box Set (187 tracks over 12 CD's) still available at the reduced price of £19.99 (plus FREE Tour shirt in choice of sizes - M, L, XL and FREE immediate download - with 3 bonus tracks from a 1995 radio session not on the box set). Get it now while stocks last!!...

You can order it here.

Gary's Mad Martins awarded 'Most Ambitious Release of 2018' in Shite 'n' Onions

Posted on 17 March, 2019 at 7:05 Comments comments (1)

Congratulations to Gary for being awarded 'Most Ambitious Release of 2018' in US Magazine Shite 'n' Onions's 'Best of 2018' for his acclaimed epic project Mad Martins - a 50-track 3xCD and 104-page book (which also features major contributions from one or two other Whisky Priests members). It's very satisfying and gratifying for him to be acknowledged for stretching the boundaries of his creativity and for something that he and others put a lot of passion and commitment into.

You can order Mad Martins here.

In the meantime, further news on the future development of Mad Martins coming soon...

Ralf's solo project -Make Volkslied Great again

Posted on 15 March, 2019 at 7:25 Comments comments (1)

Here's a link to Ralf's Blog all about his fascinating new solo album project to "Make Volkslied Great again".

'Bloody Well Everything' Complete Merchandise Set Special Offer

Posted on 7 March, 2019 at 6:30 Comments comments (1)

It's still not looking too promising that we will ever see the money we are owed from Pledge Music for our recent crowd-funding campaign, so by way of raising some much-needed funds at short notice to help with our cash flow, here is another great offer that we hope some of you will be interested in taking advantage of, by way of showing your support - an opportunity to grab a huge goody bag of items for only £29.99 (that would usually retail at around £77 (more offers to follow)...

"Bloody Well Everything! The Complete Reunion Merchandise Set" - Special Offer "Goody Bag" Bundle - only £29.99!

Gary & Mick Interview with Gary Alikivi

Posted on 3 March, 2019 at 1:25 Comments comments (1)

This afternoon, Gary & Mick met with author, documentary film-maker and freelance journalist Gary Alikivi at the Centurian Café in Newcastle Train Station to record an interview for ALIKIVI, his online North East UK Music, Film & Art blog page.

We'll bring you a link to the interview when it's published.